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Ing. Matej Hudak - Tride

Stierova 23

04023, Kosice

Slovak Republic

European Union


Phone: +421 944 950 054

E-Mail: admin @


Business ID: 52886310 (IČO)

Tax ID: 1081338544 (DIČ)

 VAT: SK1081338544 (IČ DPH)


Director: Ing. Matej Hudak

Ing. Matej Hudak - Tride is trade company registred under the laws of European Union and the Slovak Republic (European Union member state). is free classfied, online marketplace where users can sell their old computers, game consoles and other hardware.

We provide only classfied platform (online marketplace). We do not sell physical items, we do not generate revenue or profit, we are not e-shop.

Each user is responsible for His/Her own all taxes and all laws valid in His/Her country.


Please report all unlawful posts or behaviour or scam to admin @

we will contact Police immediately. Please read terms and privacy for more!